Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Beijing, China

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (Beijing institute of petrochemical technology) BIPT – one of the institutions of higher education, which was created in collaboration with the Central Government of China and the Beijing municipality with the support of the world-renowned oil company SINOPEC.

BIPT received its first students in 1978. Currently, he has become one of China’s key universities

The Institute belongs to Bole area 299 sq.m. It consists of two campuses. There is a very rich library of books, teaching experimental centers, laboratories, classrooms for practical training. The structure of the Institute includes several student dormitories. Foreign students live in separate dormitories with a higher level of comfort.

This university is actively functioning international exchange students. Many graduates of the institution are a scientist and a doctorate. Many are working successfully in the largest oil companies of China in engineering and management positions.


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