Beijing National Youth Policy Institute

Beijing, China

Beijing National Youth Policy Institute (Beijing Youth Politics College) was founded in the sixties of the twentieth century.

Within its walls graduate more than 6,000 students. Trained here and foreigners from different countries: UK, USA, France, Sweden, Japan, Russia, Egypt,,, young people in this university receives the highest professional qualification of more than 20 different specialties in seven faculties.

Department of the Chinese language has a rich experience and various forms of training. The student selects the most convenient and affordable option for themselves. A similar procedure applies to other faculties of the university.

The bulk of the teachers – highly qualified specialists, postgraduates, doctors having a special certificate that gives the right to teach courses to foreign students.

Groups of foreign students – a small equipment, which makes the learning process more personalized, thorough and affordable. For diligence and academic success for students is provided a scholarship).


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