Erfurt University

Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt University (German Universität Erfurt.) – The oldest university in Germany, founded back in 1392.

It received his education and a well-known and famous Reformation leader Martin Luther.

The basic principles of the University are: interdisciplinarity, internationalism, communication, high quality education. In the six faculties of the University Ertfurtskogo receive higher education in the humanities and social sciences more than 5 000 students. Among them are many and foreign citizens.

It successfully introduced intercollegiate student exchange program with American, Asian and European universities – partners.

This university students expect mandatory curatorial system, according to which from the first semester, each student is assigned a counselor, a mentor from the faculty, which provides all kinds of assistance and support in the planning and organization of the semester practice.

Great campus combines lecture halls, computer labs, student clubs, libraries, sports facilities, dormitories, comfortable dining room, a place to organize and leisure.



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