Freie Universität Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Free University of Berlin (German: Freie Universitat Berlin, abbreviated FU Berlin.) – The largest university of the German capital, the basis in 1948.

It specializes in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

The University is recognized as one of the most important centers of science and education in Germany.

At the moment, the university trained 28,500 students and nearly one in five of them is a foreigner.

Within the walls of the Free University of Berlin led operations such famous people like Jonathan Franzen ( American writer ), Gerhard Ertl ( Nobel Prize in Chemistry ), Edward Klimczak (Polish linguist, organizer of foreign support for the Solidarity movement ), Reinhard Zelten ( winner of the Nobel Prize in economy) and Ernst Benda ( state and political figure ).

The University was created with the active support of the international community. So he has a very powerful and modern base in the educational and scientific sphere. This is confirmed by a large number of libraries in the area, a computer center, language center, sports and recreation center, a botanical museum, an international club and international student support center.

In addition, Freie Universität Berlin has more than 100 partners around the world, with whom he signed a cooperation agreement. Very well- coordinated work with research centers. On the territory of the university regularly hosts international symposia conference, promising young scientists receive all possible support, including financial.



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