Hydraulic Engineering Institute

Kaifeng, China

Hydraulic Engineering Institute of the Yellow River, was founded in 1929, is located in the city of Kaifeng. It is worth noting that this city is one of the historical and cultural tourist centers of China.

The Institute specializes in economic, commercial, humanitarian and administrative departments.

In 2006, the Ministry of Finance and the Chinese Ministry of Education recognized the exemplary university institution. Professional Hydraulic Engineering Institute of the Yellow River turned out to be so among the leading public institutions of higher education.\

Carry out their activities and about 1,000 teachers are trained almost 3600 students in its walls.

University has 187 laboratories and a large number of special stadium. It is also famous for its excellent conditions for learning and great views.

Professional Hydraulic Engineering Institute of the Yellow River is working with 500 agencies and companies that offer excellent prospects for future graduates. According to statistics, 90% of university students find jobs immediately after graduation.

This explains such honorary title as “Best Institute for employment of graduates”, and enters it into the top 10 best universities throughout China.


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