SEGI University College

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SEGI University College has its chronology since 1977. It was in the late ’70s in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur first opened its doors to students for university, while still bearing the name of Systematic College. And now, almost forty years, this institution is growing and developing. Today in Malaysia for training of Kazakh students, it is impossible to imagine without SEGI University College. Today SEGI is one of the largest private educational institutions of Malaysia, where are educated more than 20,000 students at six campuses located in different states of Malaysia. In particular SEGI University is a member of quite extensive private organization called SEGi Group, whose main activity is quality higher education in Malaysia. Its services are currently used by about 23 thousand students – both Malaysian citizens and foreigners alike. To their services – six comfortable modern campuses, distributed in three comfortable areas of Kuala Lumpur. But students can not live only there, but in a private apartment, which can be easily removed far from any of the campuses.

Like other educational institutions group, SEGI University College has already proved itself brilliantly. Its graduates have no problems in employment – as in Malaysia, as well as at home.

6 reasons to choose the University of SEGI:

1 Reputation. University Shogi is one of the leading private universities in Malaysia, for 30 years the Institute has established itself as the high requirements and standards for the quality of education.

2 International partners. The University Shogi very close ties with the world’s leading universities and corporations offering graduates an internationally recognized set of qualifications and assistance in finding employment.

3 Career Development Center allows the university to provide educational and industrial practice for graduates and students who are studying in the final year. Career Development Center provides students with the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and plunge in the production of feel during practice, which makes graduates competitive in comparison with other graduates.

4 The strategic location of the University allows students without any difficulties to use public transport in all 6 campuses.

5 The modern equipment, the latest available development, high-speed internet, laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest technology, lounges, libraries, as well as tennis courts, fitness rooms allow students to always be in good shape and have access to the information you need in seconds.

6 The teaching staff of the university has a great experience in teaching in Malaysia as well as outside it, you can share with students your knowledge and experience obtained during the years of teaching and working in the production. Preparation for A to become a student SEGI University College can be resorted to KMEG services company that already offers eight Kazakhstani applicants to get into the prestigious universities of Malaysia international level diploma.For admission to the SEGI University College in Kuala Lumpur, applicants only need to provide us with a standard package of documents. In which, in addition to the diploma of already existing secondary or higher educatio, must be part of an international certificate confirming the level at which an applicant speaks English. to his requirements directly depend on what the faculty and the profession you choose.


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