Technical University of Munich

Munich, Germany

Technical University of Munich (German: Technische Universitat Munchen.) – The largest technical university in Germany. It was founded in 1868 by King Ludwig II.

In its structure, the Munich Technical University has 12 faculties in different fields: from technical sciences to economics. University actively cooperates with leading foreign educational institutions, sharing with them their experiences and how cooperative and independent research in various branches of science and technology.

The most popular are the faculties of engineering, information technology, electrical engineering, as well as the Research Centre Weihenstephan.

Every year there are trained more than 23 000 students. Among them are many foreign nationals from all over the world. The courses are taught in both German and English. At the disposal of students and teachers of great technical equipment of the university.

Many scientists at the University of Munich received the Nobel Prize, mainly in sciences such as physics, chemistry, medicine. The first electron microscope was invented here too, in 1986, Nobel Prize winner Ernest Ruska.



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