University of Cologne

Cologne, Germany

University of Cologne (Ger. Universität zu Köln) was opened in 1388. He is now firmly holds third place among the largest universities in Germany. Cologne University – multidisciplinary institution. In its structure six faculties.

Faculty of Economics – the pride of the University, College or the strongest in Europe.

Faculty of Law, in addition to the core curriculum practices consulting and research in career counseling center.

In 1925, on the basis of the Faculty opened a unique Institute of Air and Space Law.

At the Faculty of Medicine operates University Hospital of Cologne. It provides jobs to students, theme and full support for the theses, as well as conducts clinical practice.

Famous university professors legendary :

Alder, Kurt – Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1950,

Grunberg, Peter – winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007.

One of the many famous graduates of the university are Fritz Schramm ( Mayor of Cologne ), Karolos Papoulias – Greek President 2005-2015.

Taking care of international students, the University of Cologne implementing special education programs for them, for which he received the award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.



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