University of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

University of Stuttgart (German Universität Stuttgart.) – One of the best state universities in Germany, located in Stuttgart. This university is internationally recognized in the preparation of specialists for the automotive, aerospace and science sectors.

The university was founded in 1829.

Included in a number of important academic and scientific associations in Europe and Germany: TU 9, TIME, EUA.

The number of foreign students is more than 20% of the total number of young people learning here. A trained at the University of Stuttgart for more than 25 000 people. Domestic policy of the university actively supports them.

Through close cooperation with many well-known companies is greatly simplified the organization of work practice for students. University of Stuttgart has a powerful faculty – 246 professors teaching in 10 different faculties.

Stuttgart – Germany’s industrial center. Offices of large enterprises, such as, Kodak, Agilent Tehnologies, Siemens, Lenovo, Lufthansa, Porsche, Alcatel SEL, Bosch and many others are here. The employees of these organizations are mainly graduates of the University.



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