Страны на которые вы успеете поступить до конца лета.

Страны на которые вы успеете поступить до конца лета.

If the deadlines in the country where you want to go are still far away, this is not a reason to postpone preparation until later. Time flies by quickly and how you spend it will determine whether you can go abroad or not.

It's worth it to hurry up:

  • Top universities always open admissions a little earlier than others
  • At many universities, your chances of getting admitted and getting discounts are higher if you apply early.
  • It takes time to prepare documents and prepare for a successful visa
  • The number of places in ranking universities is limited.

You  have time to apply to three countries:

Why do students choose the USA?

1. American society is the epitome of freedom, fun and opportunity

2. US educational institutions occupy leading positions in all major rankings

3. "Advanced" thinking on a global level

4. Flexible academic environment. Based on your strengths, interests, and goals, US universities are deliberately changing their class structure and teaching methods to make learning fun.

5. Educational programs are designed in such a way that the student himself can decide which courses to study in a given semester and how many hours to study them.

6. It is not difficult to change your specialty and university during your studies

7. Dozens of interest clubs and activities that unite university students into a huge family

8.Students can help faculty with research on various projects and receive funding for their studies

9. High wages

Application Deadline - May

Start of studies - August

Universities you can apply for: Western Washington University, University of Connecticut, Simmons University, Pace University, Arizona State University, Texas A&M University, Long Island University, Lipscomb University, James Madison University, University of Hartford, DePaul University


Benefits of studying in Australia

1.If you are looking for sun, sea and surf then Australia is for you.

2. Amazing climate, the sun is here all year round, amazing nature and some of the most beautiful beaches. This is a great place for further travel.

3. Friendly and hospitable country, clean streets and people's concern for the environment

4. Not crowded and wide streets. If you are tired of crowded streets, then you should go to Australia

5. First class medical care

6.Loose lifestyle.

7. The country has high salaries that provide comfortable living and a high level of social protection

8.Australian laws ensure that tuition fees are kept safe and courses offered to international students are of a high standard.

9. 3 years of undergraduate study

10. The independence of thinking and the search for new methods of scientific work are valued here.

10. Australian universities may offer internships or work opportunities to their students.

11. An Australian bonus is that local authorities pay for gas and maintenance of public barbecues.

Start of studies - October

Application Deadline - July

Universities you can apply for: University of Newcastle, Edith Cowan University, Deakin University, University of Canberra (UC), James Cook University (JCU)


Why do students choose Canada?

1.Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. In 2021, Canada was recognized as the best country in terms of living standards

2. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries with huge parks, protected areas and large open spaces. This means a big respite because the country is not overpopulated.

3. "Canada treats good the way Saudi Arabia treats oil." Canada is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. Canadians are satisfied with their lives due to good income, health, safety and racial acceptance regardless of background.

4. Canada ranks first in the world in terms of the number of educated citizens

5. In Canada, the highest probability of obtaining permanent residence.

6. The main achievement of Canadian education is its orientation to practice

7. World population review ranks Canada 3rd for its robust education system.

9. Canada has won the "Best Country in Education" category in many agreements

10. High level of successful employment. Graduates find jobs in less than 4 months after graduation.

11. Canada's banking system has been recognized as the most stable, which allows it to offer a good quality of life for the vast majority of residents.

Start of studies - September

Application Deadline - June

Universities you can apply for: University of Manitoba, Simon Fraser University



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