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France ranks third in the world, after the US and the UK, in terms of the quantity of foreign students. For admission to universities in France, applicants do not need to take exams - it is enough to have a high school diploma and pass the test.


In France, higher education consists of several stages; two main ones - short and long, as well as an additional stage.

The short stage lasts two years, finishing it students get DEUG diplomas (university-wide education).

Long stage lasts 2 - 3 years. After the first year of study, the student gets a licentiate degree, after the second - a master's degree, and after the last one - an engineer. For the majority of students, it becomes a completed higher education.

The additional stage is the stage of postgraduate education, which consists of special training and research work. Finishing the additional stage of education students get diploma of higher specialized education - DESS

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