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Hanze University of Applied Sciences is a private research university founded in 1986 located in the city of Gronningham in the north of the Netherlands. Education in the Netherlands has many advantages, which about we will tell you in this article.

More than 28,000 students study at Hanze University.

Hanze University is the largest university of applied sciences in the north of Holland.

When studying at Hanze, the emphasis is on practical experience, career goals and practical examples from life. Faculty members bring their own international business experience and the University has a network of international partners. This hands-on approach will prepare you for a career and give you practical skills that will impress future employers.

Hanse University has most of the main campuses in Groningen and a few minor ones in Amsterdam (Dance Academy), Assen (Hanse Institute of Technology) and Leeuwarden (pop culture).

Interesting University Facts:

  • Internships are included in all courses at the International School of Business. They are often paid and an employment coordinator can help you find a suitable company in the Netherlands or abroad. Past students have worked with leading multinationals such as VW, Skoda, SEAT and Adidas.
  • The university is ranked among the top 200 in Europe for teaching (Times Higher Education Europe 2018).
  • Groningen is one of the main assets of the university, as it is the youngest and one of the most favorite cities for students in Holland. It is the youngest city in the Netherlands, half of its residents are under 35 and a quarter of the population are students. Nightlife is in full swing and there is an excellent selection of affordable sports, cultural and educational facilities.



The Dutch education system is one of the most innovative and progressive in the world. It is based on learning with analytical debate and hands-on experience. Dutch higher education has an international reputation for high quality, which is supported by a rigorous national quality assurance system. One of the great advantages of education in Holland for Uzbek students at a bachelor’s degree is a real opportunity to stay to work in the Netherlands and get a residence permit. Moreover, there are opportunities for studying at a bachelor’s degree from the age of 16, as well as financing on a competitive basis the best student startups from the university budget!

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The university offers over 70 different programs.

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 Cost of education

Prices are quoted in local currency Euro (EUR).

  Foundation Undergraduate Master’s
Per year 11 900 EUR 7 700 EUR 10 000 EUR

* the university reserves the sole right to change the prices for training programs.

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