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Education in England

University of York – founded in 1963, located in York. This university is part of the elite structure of the Russell Group and is ranked in the top 20 best universities in the UK. Education in England has many advantages, which about we will tell you in this article.

Russel Group is an association of the most elite research universities in the UK, which also includes Cambridge and Oxford. Their graduates hold 61% of all UK jobs requiring tertiary education, despite the fact that they represent only 17% of all tertiary graduates. Russell Group members award 60% of all doctoral degrees obtained in the United Kingdom.

The University of York is very strong in such disciplines as politics, international relations, diplomacy, many leaders, ministers from different countries of the world graduated from this university. 15 members of the British Parliament, 5 members of the House of Lords, 2 members of the Scottish Parliament and several ministers are graduates of this university. At the moment, over 19 thousand students study at the university, and 23% of them are foreigners.

York is the most historic city in the UK and the most beautiful in England, according to the Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2020.

Interesting University of Birmingham Facts:

  • Large research university with an annual budget of 400 million
  • Included in the TOP-150 of the best universities in the world
  • Ranked in the top 10 for student satisfaction with education in the UK
  • 94% of graduates are employed in the next 6 months after graduation
  • According to the Teaching Excellence Framework has the highest gold status


Cost of education

Prices are quoted in the local currency of the United Kingdom (GBP – Pound Sterling).

  Foundation Undergraduate Master’s
Per year £17740 £18350 £22440

* the university reserves the sole right to change the prices for training programs.

Also, this university is ready to provide a scholarship starting from 20% of the annual cost of training for Universe Group students who registered 6 months before the start of their studies.

For more detailed information about the cost of programs, grants and discounts, please contact the office of Universe Group.

One of the great advantages of education in England for bachelors is the ability to graduate from a university in 3 academic years, while a master’s degree lasts 1 year. This saves a lot of money and time for young ambitious students. The University of York also provides Foundation, Pre-Master’s and language courses.

Recruitment is carried out 3 times a year: September, January and June.

Foundation Undergraduate Master’s
IELTS 5.5 with no band lower 5.5 IELTS 6.0 with no band lower 5.5 IELTS 7.0 with no band lower 5.5

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