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Do you want to study abroad at Top Universities? Do you want to gain international experience and make new friends all over the world? Make your dreams come true with Universe Group!

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Highlights of 2019:

100% state universities

91% of students received guaranteed work placement

82% of universities are in the top 500 all over the world

74% of students have been enrolled without foundation year

61% of students enrolled without IELTS, based only on internal exam

58% of students came to the office no more than 4 times

43% of students received scholarships worth $ 1,000 and above

36% of customers found us by the recommendation of their friends

25% of students received Master`s Degree

16% of students are 17 years or younger

0% – not a single student got a refuse for getting visa to the UK.

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What do we do?

Universe Group – is a large consulting company in the field of education abroad, which officially represents several dozen prestigious universities of the world in Uzbekistan. The Universe Group was founded in 2015 by young and ambitious entrepreneurs whose goal was to create a world-class educational provider and help the same ambitious young people to get the highest quality education. The company`s head office is located in Tashkent. We work with 42 prestigious and internationally recognized universities in 9 countries. This figure is increasing qualitatively from year to year. In particular, we offer:

1. Brunel University London

2. The University of Leicester

3. Anglia Ruskin University

4. Robert Gordon University

5. …

1. City college of New York

2.Virginia Commonwealth University

3. Florida Atlantic University

4. University of New Hampshire

5. …

1. Griffith University

2. Western Sydney University

3. James Cook University (JCU)

4. University of Newcastle

5. …

If you do not know who to contact and receive answers to the following questions:

  • Which foreign university to choose?
  • Do I need to take an exam to enroll a foreign university?
  • Based on what criteria to choose university?
  • How much are study fees?
  • Which program to choose?

Our professional consultants will answer all your questions about education abroad and help you to choose the most suitable university!

We will support you throughout the application process in a foreign university.
A professional team is ready at any time to consult you, help to make the right choices and prepare you for the interview at the embassy and the University.

More information about universities and our services can be found on our web site.

Our main goal – your successful admission to the best university in your interested country.






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